Rule Book

Bodmin & District Woodturners
Rule Book

Revised May 2022

Section Page
1.0 The Club 3
2.0 Location 3
3.0 Membership 3
4.0 Safety 4
5.0 Club Officers 4
6.0 Club Equipment 4
7.0 Dissolution of Club 5
8.0 Safeguarding Policy 5
9.0 Shows 5
10. Monthly Competition Rules 6
11.0 Other Awards 7
12.0 Data Protection 8

Bodmin& District Woodturners
Constitution and Rules

1.0 The Club
The club known as Bodmin& District Woodturners is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (the CIO) with a Registered Charity Number of 1167464.
The Constitution dated April 2016, a separate document to be found on the club website, will always take precedence over this or any other document and should be read in conjunction with these rules.

2.0 Location of Meeting
The Club shall meet at The Oasis Room, Lostwithiel Community Centre, Pleyber Christ way, Lostwithiel PL22 0HE, Or a temporary Location as detailed by the Trustees if the need arises.

3.0 Membership
The terms of membership shall be as detailed in “the Constitution”.
There will be 4 classes of membership: –
Guest visit for a maximum or 3 months before committing.
Full membership, one who pays the full annual subscription
Honorary Membership, awarded to a member, pays no subscription, and has no voting rights.
Junior Members aged between 11-21 free.
3.1 Membership Numbers
Due to space restrictions of Lostwithiel Oasis room total number of members present at any meeting should not exceed 30. This may be exceeded temporarily on consultation with the Trustees.
3.2 Subscriptions
The Annual Membership subscription shall be reviewed and confirmed annually at the Clubs AGM and will include the members Annual subscription to the AWGB to enable the club to retain its associated benefits.
Membership fees for the coming year shall be paid within the month of December. A Member whose subscription remains unpaid after the end of January shall be considered as having ceased to be a Member.
New members joining part way through the year will pay a proportionate fee for the remaining months.
Members joining after October 1st will pay full fees. This fee will also cover the following year.
All Members that are under the age of 21 years on the 1st of January of the year shall have their subscription waved.

4.0 Safety

To always ensure safe practice, members should be familiar with the separate “Safety Handbook” and always adhere to these principles.

5.0 Officers
In accordance with the Constitution, the Officers of the club will be determined by the Trustees and referred to as the Committee. As defined in the Constitution there must be at least 3 trustees minimum with a maximum of seven.
Details of the appointed officers can be found on the Information page of the Club Website and will consist of.
Health & Safety Officer
Committee Members
These officers will require ratification by a majority vote at the members AGM.
The Trustees are responsible for managing the affairs and activities of the club and will appoint various subcommittee members as required.

6.0 Purchase of Club Equipment
All purchases for the club must be approved by a majority of the Trustees.

6.1 Disposal of Club Equipment
Any equipment deemed redundant by the Committee shall have a value placed upon it by the Committee and offered to the Members in the first instance. If no Members respond within one month, then an appointed Trustee shall dispose of the item in the most appropriate method, following approval by the Committee, and publish the results.
6.2 Loan to Club Members
The Club will loan equipment to Members on the approval of the trustees. This approval shall be in writing and held by the Secretary. The Member shall sign a receipt for the equipment and take full responsibility for the safe keeping and replace any item damaged whilst in their possession.
6.3 Club Library
The Club Library is established to loan Members books, DVDs and videos on a monthly basis. The borrowing members shall pay £1 per item to club funds. Members can request items to be purchased for the Library to the Committee for their consideration.

7.0 Dissolution of the Club
Should the Members vote to dissolve the club at the AGM/EGM then the rules as laid down in “The Constitution” will be followed.

8.0 Safeguarding Policy

To ensure the security and safe treatment of all members, guests and other visitors, when on club business, all members should be familiar with the “Safeguarding Policy” (see club Safeguarding document) and adhere to these principles at all times.

9.0 Shows
To ensure that the Club supports Members in attending shows the rules are as follows:
The Club shall not instigate, administer or financially support Shows other than one Craft Fair run annually by the club.
If any Member(s) wish to attend a show and want to use the ‘Clubs’ name and Insurance, they shall apply in writing to the Committee for approval which will not be unreasonably withheld. This shall be known as a Club Insured Event (CIE). The requirement of this approval is: –
All Members shall be permitted to attend
5% of sales, after costs, shall be allocated to the Club.
Accounts reconciliation shall be submitted to the ‘Treasurer’.
The Club shall provide the Following:
• Card facilities shall be made available by the Club.
Club shall also provide, if requested, Lathe for demonstration, Safety screen, extension lead(s) and Dust filter.
If a Member(s) attending a Show does not use the Clubs Insurance but requests the use of the Club’s card facilities the Member(s) shall apply in writing to the Committee. This shall be known as a Members Insured Event (MIE). The requirement of this approval is:
2.5% of Card sales, in addition to Card administrative costs, shall be allocated to the Club.
Accounts reconciliation of the Card sales shall be submitted to the ‘Treasurer’.
Club shall provide, if requested, Lathe for demonstration, Safety screen, extension lead(s) and Dust filter for 5% of net sales.
Note: Priority shall be given to a CIE if held on the same day when reviewing this request. It may be that at one show both types of events attend. If this is the case, and it is practical, then both can use the Card facility

10.0 Monthly Competition Rules
Turner of the Year
The club competition will be judged at the main monthly meetings throughout the year.
Entry to the competition is open to all members. There can be a separate Junior Section when there are entries from members who were under 18 years old on 1st of January of that year.
Each month’s competition theme will be published in advance in the club’s general programme and, where possible, will reflect the themes of demonstrations from recent club meetings.
Judging of the monthly competition will be by secret ballot of all those present at the meeting, by each indicating their selection of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
To maintain the “secret” nature of the ballot, members who show their work on social media should not reference entry of an item to any club competition unless that competition has already been judged.
The result of the ballot will be announced at the end of the meeting wherever possible. The result will also be published on the club’s website, along with images of the items submitted (wherever possible).
Points will be awarded each month as follows: –
1stplace = 4 points
2ndplace = 3 points
3rdplace = 2 points
All other entries will be awarded 1 point.
The points will be tallied by the Competition Coordinator and a trophy, and the title Turner of the Year will be awarded to the member with the most points. If there is a tie in the number of points, a count back of the number of first places will be used to decide the winner. The trophy will be awarded at the AGM in December of that year.

Entries may not be items which have previously been entered for any other club competition. Entries must adhere to the theme of the competition, both in general terms and to any specific requirements previously notified. Items not adhering to these two rules will be removed before voting takes place. In voting, members may not vote for their own entry.

*Please note that entry to the monthly competition assumes that member’s agreement to an image of their entry being placed on the front page of the club’s website and Facebook page. That image will also be added permanently to a named page in the Gallery on the club’s website. (The member will be separately consulted in the first instance for permission to establish this page.)

11.0 Other awards

11.1 The Progress Cup
A Chairman’s Trophy will be awarded annually at the AGM to a member who has been chosen as having made significant progress during that year. This is decided by the chairman, who will consider all work done during the year, but with reference to competition entries.
11.2 The John Brooks Award
This trophy will be awarded annually to a member who has made a significant contribution to the promotion and development of the club, considering all forms of activity and service to the club. The choice of recipient of the trophy is made by the Chairman alone. This trophy will also be awarded at the club’s AGM.

12.0 Data Protection
To comply with the provision of the Data Protection Act of 2018 the Club is permitted to maintain records on computer file.
This record will include names, addresses. telephone numbers and e-mail addresses but only for limited use by the named trustees within the club to facilitate Bodmin club business.